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What Makes Dental Insurance So Important

Did you wake up with a persistent ache in your tooth or jaw that won’t go away? Putting off a visit to the dentist is just going to make things worse and result in even more expensive repair work down the road. Most family or individual health insurance plans don’t cover vision or dental issues. However, taking care of your oral health is extremely important for your well-being. Dental insurance can help keep your gums and teeth in good working condition.

Dental work is notoriously expensive, and having some form of dental insurance can provide peace of mind. A quality policy can give you coverage for a variety of dental treatments ranging from routine cleanings and exams to extractions and root canals.

Here’s everything you need to know about dental insurance plans and why they’re so important for your health:

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Importance of regular dental care

Most people understand the importance of maintaining their physical health, but that same consideration is rarely extended to our teeth. Good oral care is crucial for your overall health—many other parts of your body can get affected by your dental health, such as your heart. It’s also crucial for maintaining the quality and appearance of your smile.

Your gums, teeth, and mouth can also indicate if there are any other underlying health problems that you need to get checked out. For example, your tooth enamel can erode because of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), while frequent gum disease or mouth infections can indicate diabetes. If you often get dry mouth, it might indicate an illness like Sjogren’s syndrome.

Cost of dental care

The average American adult spends around $300 on dental work per year, and major dental care requires a lot more than that. The high cost of dental work forces many people without dental insurance to wait to seek help until the very last moment. This often exacerbates the issue and results in more complicated health problems. Individuals with dental insurance are more likely to visit the dentist for preventative care and seek treatment for any acute issues.

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Benefits of dental insurance

Here are some great reasons why you should consider getting dental insurance:

  • Preventative benefits make sure that any issues are discovered early. Going for regular cleanings and dental exams can help your dentist identify and tackle any issues before they require costly procedures. For example, tooth decay that goes untreated or unnoticed for too long might require a pricey root canal at some point. Dental plans usually cover preventative visits at barely any additional cost.
  • You can keep yourself safe from unnecessary financial risk. Sometimes, you can still run into major dental issues even with frequent preventative care.
  • You can get amazing rates through your dental insurance network, which can decrease your out-of-pocket costs for walk-in treatments.

What’s covered in a dental insurance plan?

Dental plans have varying benefits depending on the insurance company. Generally, most dental insurance policies cover the following:

  • Bi-annual cleanings and checkups that might be accompanied by a small out-of-pocket fee
  • Cavity fillings
  • X-rays
  • Tooth extractions
  • Dental appliances such as retainers
  • Root canals
  • Emergency surgeries

While specific dental services or equipment might be covered, they often have different coverage ranges. Preventative care is typically fully covered by your insurance, but other procedures like emergency surgeries or fillings might require you to pay an up-front fee before your deductible comes in.

There are also a lot of procedures that aren’t covered under dental insurance. Some of these include composite fillings—most coverages only provide amalgam fillings made from silver, and you’ll have to pay for the difference in price by yourself in case you prefer the former.

Some other treatments that are usually not covered by insurance include:

  • Cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening
  • Dental care regarding a pre-existing condition
  • Orthodontic treatments such as braces

Of course, every dental insurance policy is different, so it’s important to check your coverage limits to find out what is and isn’t covered.

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We provide top-notch dental insurance services in CA

When you’re searching for a dental insurance policy, check with your current dentist to ensure that they accept the plan that you’re considering. Otherwise, you might have to switch dentists. Top insurance agencies such as Covered California Certified Agent can help you search for the best plans in the network.

Make sure that you read any fine print to have a complete understanding of what services will be covered and what you might have to pay for yourself. We’ll help you save money by providing you with customizable options consisting of only what you need.

We also provide group insurance, life insurance, and employee insurance.

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