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Review Your
Insurance Options

Check out all the health insurance plans available to you to determine what works the best for your business, employee needs, and affordability for your business, employee needs, and affordability.

Review Your
Insurance Options

Check out all the health insurance plans available to you to determine what works the best for your business, employee needs, and affordability for your business, employee needs, and affordability.

Individual Health Insurance

If you’re looking to purchase insurance for just yourself or your family, work with our agents to go over various plans, costs, and insurance programs to find the best personal health insurance policy...

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Medicare Supplements

The Medigap insurance policy is an excellent choice when you’re looking for healthcare and medical coverage that Medicare doesn’t already provide. Count on our agents..

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Dental Insurance

This insurance type plays an integral role in covering the costs associated with preventative dental care, along with providing you with easy access to dentists...

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Employer Group Insurance

With Covered California for Small Business (CCSB) you decide the level of coverage and provide employees with health insurance that fits your budget. Small businesses...

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Term Life Insurance

Looking for an insurance option that pays you at a fixed rate between 10 and 30 years and offers death benefits too? Term Life Insurance is what you should choose...

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Corporate Insurance

Healthy employees mean increased productivity and a healthy working environment. If you ensure your employees are healthy and happy and maintain good workplace morale, ...

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About Covered California Certified Agent

Covered California Certified Agent is a one-stop solution to finding the right health insurance policy for yourself, your business, or your employees, depending on your needs.

We have substantial knowledge and experience of working with clients from numerous backgrounds and industries.

You can count on us to seek information and learn about different kinds of health insurance options available for you.

Our agents are committed to helping you choose the best options that benefit you in the short and long term

How Can Covered California Certified Agent Help You?

Did you know Californians have been required by law to have healthcare insurance since 2020? This is known as the individual mandate in which each individual is to be covered under health insurance to protect their future. If you’re looking for group insurance for your firm or individual insurance services for you and your family, Covered California Certified Agent can help you out.


In 2020, California was one of the first to implement this individual insurance mandate. The reason behind this was to make healthcare more affordable for everyone. And the more people have healthcare insurance, the lower the cost will be for healthcare services. This mandate is to help reduce the burden on the residents when they have to pay for uninsured treatments and help keep the cost of treatment low for everyone. So, when an individual goes to an emergency room and can’t pay for the treatment, the cost of healthcare treatments increases for everyone, and often taxpayers have to make up the difference.


So, this law will help make the middle-income socio-economic group more empowered. So, if you’re looking for a dental plan, individual health insurance plan, group insurance plan, or term life plan, a top insurance services company in California can help you. We have multiple plans that can benefit you and your family. If you’re looking for an insurance services plan for your small business, Covered California Certified Agent also offers affordable group insurance services for your employees and their families so they can financially secure their future. This can include general life insurance, a medical plan, a dental plan, etc., depending upon your needs.


You can get in touch with us here, and avail of our healthcare insurance services for you, your family, your employees, and their families.

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