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5 Key Traits of Seasoned Insurance Agents

Why place your faith in an inexperienced insurance agent when you can opt for a seasoned one instead? Some of the best insurance agents share several common traits that enable them to provide a high-quality service at a price their customers can afford.

Read on to find out what common traits seasoned insurance agents have in common, and what you should look out for when partnering with one.

1. Market Knowledge

Market knowledge is a seasoned insurance agent’s bread and butter. If an insurance agent doesn’t know about the various health insurance plans available on the market and what each one entails, chances are they’re either inexperienced or lack expertise.

There are several things you can ask an insurance agent to gauge how much market knowledge they have. We recommend asking them how much various insurance plans cost and/or whether they keep track of price changes. It’s also worth asking them what documents are required to apply for the plan you’re interested in. Some of the most seasoned insurance agents will have this sort of information readily available.

2. Honesty

Honesty is the hallmark of any insurance agent worth their weight in gold. An insurance agent’s honesty also indicates the strength of the values adopted by the agency they work for. Insurance agents are in the business of helping people lead healthy lives—so if you consult an agent who doesn’t seem to be honest about having your best interests at heart, it’s worth thinking twice about hiring them.

Research shows that dishonest people often display a ‘Duchenne smile’ that extends to the muscles in their eyes. In contrast, honest people smile without exaggeration and typically contract their eyes as they try to recall information. These are not fool-proof indications of dishonesty, but it’s worth keeping them in mind the next time you meet an insurance agent.

With that said, one of the best ways to know whether an insurance agent is honest is by checking their client reviews. It’s also worth asking their colleagues or previous clients about how dependable they are.

3. Empathy

One of the main roles of an insurance agent is to pitch plans to clients based on their unique circumstances. This is why some of the best insurance agents around are extremely empathetic.

Whether they’re speaking to parents looking for children’s health insurance or helping a small business set up group insurance, empathy helps insurance agents understand their clients’ issues, build positive relationships, and boost revenue simultaneously. This subsequently helps them evaluate what sort of insurance plan will work best for the client.

If you’re wondering how to ascertain whether an insurance agent is empathetic, consider how closely they listen to your concerns. If they listen without interrupting and ask questions to understand your situation better, chances are they’re highly empathetic.

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4. Communication

Imagine asking an insurance agent who can’t communicate succinctly for advice on which insurance plan to purchase. Chances are you’ll have an extremely tough time making the right decision!

Seasoned insurance agents tailor their communication according to the client they’re dealing with. For instance, if they’re discussing medical insurance with senior citizens affected by hearing troubles, they’ll speak slowly and clearly. Similarly, if they’re discussing health insurance plans with an international student, they’ll be extra careful to explain common insurance jargon.

5. Passion

Here is the mantra seasoned insurance agents believe in: They strive to help people live better lives because they’re enthusiastic about what they do.

Passionate insurance agents are optimistic about their line of work. They make a conscious effort to help their clients as best as they can and see beyond the functional benefits of insurance. In simpler words, they don’t just view insurance as a way of providing people with better healthcare; they see it as a means of giving people a safety net so they can go about enjoying life without having to constantly worry about what’ll happen in the event of an emergency.

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