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Top 4 Individual Health Insurance Plans Worth Considering

Did you know we’re currently in the middle of a major public health challenge? The country’s public health system is underfunded, undercooked, and lacks leadership. As a result, many people—especially those without health insurance—struggle with several potentially life-threatening health issues like heart disease and diabetes.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of individual health insurance plans on the market that provide ample coverage for kids and adults alike. Read on to learn more about 4 of the best medical insurance plans for individuals.

1. Anthem Silver 70 HMO

If you’re looking for one of the most cost-effective health insurance plans out there, it’s time to check out the Silver 70 Off Exchange HMO plan. It’s the second cheapest plan provided by Anthem Blue Cross and offers excellent coverage on everything from medical emergencies to pre and post-natal care.

For example, if you’re uninsured, an office visit for a complex medical problem typically costs $234 and a trip to the ER can set you back $1,220. In comparison, if you’ve subscribed to the Anthem Silver 70 HMO plan, specialist referral visits for complex issues cost just $70 per visit, and ER trips are just $400 per visit. In other words, the Anthem Silver 70 HMO plan helps policyholders save 70% on the cost of their medical trips!

2. Sharp Platinum 90 HMO Premier

Searching for a medical insurance provider that offers some of the best coverage for mums and children? If so, you’ll love the Sharp Platinum 90 HMO plan. The premiums on this plan range from $311 to $1,219.59 per month depending on your age. However, children aged 0 to 14 get to enjoy a fixed premium.

To give you an idea of how beneficial this plan is for kids and their mums, consider this—there are zero co-payments required for 7 different preventative care measures relating to children. There are also no co-payments due for maternity care (except for deliveries) and complimentary kids’ eye exams to boot.

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3. Kaiser Permanente Gold 80 HMO

The Kaiser Permanente Gold 80 HMO plan is for those of you that don’t mind paying a slightly higher premium for 360-degree health coverage. It costs $429.21 per month, but you get access to both preventative and remedial dental treatments as well as complimentary telemedical care and physical exams.

You also get access to specialty care visits for just $65 (cheaper than the Anthem Silver 70 HMO plan) and generic prescription drugs for just $15. This is a massive benefit considering prescription drug expenses have increased by 14.4% in the last few years.

4. Ambetter Platinum 90 PPO

One of the best plans for individuals who want total peace of mind no matter what part of the country they’re in is the Ambetter Platinum 90 PPO plan. The three other plans we’ve discussed in this article are ‘HMO’ (health maintenance organization) plans, which means the coverage they provide is limited to the area where you live and/or work. In contrast, the Ambetter Platinum 90 plan is a ‘PPO’ (preferred provider organization) plan, which means you get countrywide coverage as long as the medical facility you’re visiting is within the insurance provider’s network of participating providers.

The monthly premium owed on the Ambetter Platinum 90 PPO plan depends on your income range. Therefore, it’s worth sitting with an insurance agency to figure out how much you’ll owe. If the plan fits your budget, you’ll get access to a ton of facilities at a fraction of their usual cost. For instance, specialist consultations will be just $30 and ER facility costs just $150 per visit to in-network facilities. These figures are lower than both the Kaiser Permanente Gold 80 HMO plan and the Anthem Silver 70 HMO plan!

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