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The Importance of Children’s Health Insurance

Every year, around 8,000 families around the country lose a child to a preventable injury. Infants are treated in emergency departments for furniture-related injuries every 46 minutes and more than 3.5 million kids sustain sports-related injuries each year.

We could go on, but the point is clear—kids are highly susceptible to getting injured in various ways. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that the demand for children’s medical insurance is increasing among families. But what specific factors underpin the importance of children’s health insurance?

In this article, we look at why health insurance is important in the context of a child’s physical, mental, and emotional development.

Physical Development

One of the biggest reasons why children’s health insurance is important pertains to the prevention and treatment of physical injuries. Parents whose kids have health insurance can access an array of medical services without having to worry about costs. This is particularly helpful for kids who are predisposed to get injured due to muscular or skeletal deficiencies.

For instance, research shows that children with certain genotypes are more susceptible to picking up ankle and knee injuries while participating in physical activities like soccer than others. It’s important for these kids to have health insurance coverage because of how likely they are to visit the doctor’s office for physical injuries.

Another reason children’s health insurance is important in the context of physical ailments relates to vaccinations. The US government has advocated for vaccinating children for over 60 years because it prevents the spread of dangerous diseases like measles. In other words, children’s medical insurance plans are important because many of them cover vaccinations that are vital for preventing potentially debilitating epidemics.

Mental Development

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Many children’s health insurance services cover the purchase of medicines for conditions like ADHD that impact a child’s mental health. In other words, children’s health insurance is vital to ensure your child undergoes healthy mental development.

Health insurance programs like Medicaid and CHIP are important because they provide both in-person and telehealth assistance to address mental health issues in children. Therefore, if your child is unable to physically attend medical appointments, signing them up for health insurance is a great way to provide them with affordable remote care.

In terms of preventative care, many health insurance plans cover services like psychiatric evaluations and behavioral disorder tests that doctors use to identify and treat conditions that could impact a child’s mental development early. This means that kids with medical insurance have a solid shot at overcoming mental developmental issues early so they can grow into healthy adults.

Emotional Development

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Emotional development is an off-shoot of mental development, but we felt it needed a separate section in the context of understanding the importance of children’s health insurance.

Children’s medical insurance services are crucial because many of them cover the cost of therapy for conditions like anxiety attacks that impact a child’s emotional development. Depending on which children’s health insurance provider you select, emotional therapy sessions can either be billed as co-payments or go toward deductibles.

If you opt for co-payments, you’ll be asked to pay the full amount for your child’s therapy upfront before being reimbursed by your insurance provider. On the other hand, if you want to bill the therapy to your insurance deductibles, you’ll only be required to pay a fraction of your child’s therapy to the clinic. Either way, your child will gain access to medical professionals who can help them develop into emotionally healthy adults if you sign them up for a health insurance plan.

Moreover, children’s health insurance plans that fall under the government’s CHIP program cover the cost of seeing counselors who help children cope with early childhood trauma. Therefore, kids who suffer the misfortune of going through harrowing experiences early in life stand to benefit immensely if their parents sign them up for health insurance.

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